➢ CORROSION RESISTANCE – 100% resistance to any & all harsh environmental factors
➢ BONDING STRENGTH – Much greater Bonding Strength to Concrete
➢ Ease of Cutting – For TBM(tunnel boring machine) Application – Soft Eye
➢ Fire rated- Capacity to stand for more than 3 hours in direct fire with minimum concrete cover
➢ Strength – 2-3 times stronger than steel with tensile strength of 1000MPa
➢ Fatigue Strength – 20 times higher resistance under cyclic loading
➢ Weight – 4 times lighter than steel (2100 Kg/m3 vs. 7800 Kg/m3)
➢ Economical Curing – Concrete can be cured with sea water instead of purified water; a major economical factor
➢ Conductivity – Electromagnetic non-conductive; for MRI Applications & other uses
➢ Thermal non-conductive – Suitable for use in hot and cold environments
➢ Detection by GPR – Easily detected by GPR(ground penetration radar)
➢ Lower tendency for Concrete to Crack – Modulus of Elasticity is much closer to concrete results in added compatibility with concrete and less cracking